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Debbie has a personal interest and passion for helping young children and watching them learn and achieve. She is a STEM Specialist and a Children's Book Author. For more than 10 years, she has been enriching children's lives successfully through her teaching. 

She says, "To me, Children are like a fountain of joy. I can never get enough of their lovely innocent personalities and truthfulness. They are so vulnerable, yet so brave."

Her first book, "Why Is Everyone Wearing a Mask? / Por Que Todo Mundo Está Usando Máscara?" is a Bilingual Book written in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She wrote this book during the pandemic in 2020 to inform children and bring a bright perspective of the situation about wearing face masks.

She is currently working on her new project, a book series about Early STEM. Stay tuned for the launch.

Debbie's mission statement, "Building the next generation. Changing the world one child at a time." - Debbie Qiu, 2020 

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